How To Avoid Costly Mistakes, Expensive Hidden Fees & Long Frustrating Delays

Avoid tearing your hair out due to frustration and anger when you build your dream home.

This honest, no-pulled-punches building guide will give you the knowledge you need as a potential new home building customer to understand what happens during each key phase of your home building journey.

Right from the time you're considering purchasing your block, through to the day you receive your keys from your chosen builder. This guide will help you understand each step of the process and give you all the tools you need to ensure you build successfully with less headaches.

Chapters in this 45 page guide include;

  • Setting your Budget
      • Should you use your bank, or a finance broker?
    • What you should budget for
  • Buying a block of land.
    • Location Location Location.
    • Restrictive Covenants on the Titles.
    • Easements (No Building Zones)
    • R Codes.
    • Orientation.
    • Price.
    • Site Costs.
    • What if our block isn't perfect?
  • Finding or creating your dream Home Design.
    • Option 1: Visit display homes & Build with a Project Builder.
    • Option 2: Speak with Wishlist Homes.
    • Option 3: Speak to an Architect
      • So what about Architect fees?.
      • Cost Duplication.
  • Reviewing your budget
  • Choosing and committing to a Builder.
    • Building Policy & Reputation.
    • Construction Quality & Timeframe.
      • Timing.
    • Price.
  • Entering into a Preparation of Plans agreement
  • Finalising your building contract and paying your deposit
    • Getting your building license.
  • Prestart
    • Interior Design Services.
    • Choosing an Interior Designer.
    • Industry Guide to Prestart Costs.
    • Electrical changes.
    • Ceramic Tile changes.
    • Builders Standard Range.
  • Start on site.
    • A word of warning (No trades on site)
    • The Lockup Effect
    • Keeping To The Building Order.
    • Notifying The Builder Of Mistakes.
    • Clarification.
  • Independent Building Inspections.
  • Progress payments.
    • First, what is a progress claim?
    • Progress Claim Method #1 - Fixed progress claim stages.
    • Progress Claim Method #2 - % Completion.
    • Weighting of Claims.
    • Home Loan Repayments.
    • What If I'm Paying For Some Of The Build, And The Banks Paying The Rest?
  • Final inspections and Handover.
    • Services & Insurance.
  • Maintenance.
    • Termite Treatment
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